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WehrWettkämpfe - SA Brigade 94 Munz > Germany / Tyskland WW1-WW2 > German WW1-2 Tinnies / Nålmärken  |  
Price SEK 595,00
 (EUR 59,50)

New items / Nya produkter (01-12-2018 - 15-02-2019)

Item number 7598

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Maker marked 'M9/25, Sieper & Söhne'

WehrWettkämpfe - SA Brigade 94 Munz

Stamped copper colored tinnie in a large oval shape (55 mm from top to bottom), showing a mountaintop with a wreath and up-pointed sword at its base (filling the bottom section of the tinnie).

There is an edelweiss flower flanking the SA wreath on each side.

The inscription “Wehrwettkämpfe 1939” ("Military Tournaments 1939") arches around the top and “SA Brigade 94 Munz” around the bottom curve.

The finish is a nice, rich copper color. The reverse is toned to the browner shade, though with reddish glints here and there. Soldered on vertical pin. Excellent!

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