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British 1939-1945 star > Other Countries / Övriga länder  |  
Price SEK 95,00
 (EUR 10,00)

Item number 5271

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British 1939-1945 star .

Bronze. Excellent condition. From the 40's.


Brittisk "1939-1945 star".

Brons. Utmärkt skick. Från 40-talet.

Awarded for service in the Second World War between the 3rd September 1939 and the 2nd September 1945. Qualification was generally six months in an active operational area, reduced to two months for RAF Aircrew. Time spent as a POW counted, personnel whose service was cut short due to death, wounds or sickness would qualify, those who won an award /decoration MID etc were automatically entitled to the star. Evacuated forces from Dunkirk, Norway etc, and commando raiders at St Nazaire, Norway, etc. gained entitlement. The Battle of Britain bar was won by the fighter aircraft crews who fought the Luftwaffe during the crucial period 10th July 1940 to 31st October 1940.

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