Inflation coin/medal 1st November 1923

Inflation coin/medal 1st November 1923

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(The suffering of the German Nation)
Father, son and a kneeling mother; the family is peaked and despaired; in the background a hedge of thorns;
"AM (On
1. NOV 1923 November the 1st
KOSTETE costed
1 PFUND BROT a pound of bread
3 MILLIARDEN 3 billions
1 PFUND FLEISCH a pound of meat
36 MILLIARDEN 36 billions
1 GLAS BIER a glass of beer
4 MILLIARDEN" 4 billions)

The reverse shows an average price of the 1st November 1923 in Germany;

The stated prices had to be paid on November the 1st in Germany; till October the so called Rentenmark was issued and could stop the inflation in the following year; the exchange rate was set to one trillion mark to one Rentenmark=one gold mark;

32mm, 10 grams, brass