SS-Sturmann Tropical rank Chevron

SS-Sturmann Tropical rank Chevron

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SS-Sturmann tropical rank chevron.


Excellent condition. Black wool base with machine sewn on double golden tress .



SS-Sturmann tropiskt ärmelmärke.


Utmärkt skick. Svart ullbas med två maskinsydda guldgula stripes.




On December 22ND 1920 the Weimar era Reichsheer instituted a system of sleeve rank insignia for enlisted personnel which remained in effect until the newly formed Wehrmacht Heer introduced a new system on September 25TH 1936. In March 1938 the Allgemeine-SS, (General-SS), adopted the Wehrmacht style rank chevrons for enlisted ranks with minor variations and this, in turn, was carried over to the Waffen-SS, (Armed-SS) on its inception. Originally the tress chevrons were worked in bright silver/aluminum wire threads until regulations of April 25TH 1940 introduced a new, less visible subdued tress of matte blue/grey rayon for wear on the field uniform and a subdued golden/tan rayon tress for wear on the tropical uniform although the change over was never completely achieved. Of Note: The Allgemeine-SS and the SS-Sicherheitsdienst und Sicherheitspolizei, (SS-Security Service and Security Police), abolished the use of rank chevrons on January 17TH 1942 but they were still utilized by the Waffen-SS until the end of the war. Also Of Note: Army regulations of April 25TH 1940 dictated the base color of the rank insignia was to match the color of the uniform being worn and as a result Panzer Obergefreiters also wore this type of rank chevron.