WW1 named medal group

WW1 named medal group

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A very nice group from a WW1 fighter.

Johannes Abele was born December 21st 1891 and died July 1st 1964.

He served in Württembergisches Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Nr. 49 (F.A.R).

He was one of only 2400 NCO's that received the "Militärverdienstmedaille Württemberg", medal for Military Merit.

This was an important award since the soldier would receive a life long honorary salary.

The lot consists of the following award.

1. Militärverdienstmedaille Württemberg, gold washed silver.  Near mint condition(sorry hard to make a good picture).

2. Iron cross first class. Marked 800, indicating the silver content. Cross is vaulted with perfect patina. The core is cracked, but if on display you can barely see it.

3. Iron cross second class. Marked KO. Very good condition. Perfect patina.

4. Would badge in black. Magnetic steel badge. Very good condition. Perfect patina.

5. Ribbon bar with the Iron cross and the Militärverdienstmedaille Württemberg. Very good condition.

6. A picture of Johannes wearing his iron cross mounted on a piece of paper with all the information.