DLV Glider Badge (Segelfliegerabzeichen) Grade `C`

DLV Glider Badge (Segelfliegerabzeichen) Grade `C`

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DLV Glider Badge (Segelfliegerabzeichen) Grade `C`.


DLV= Deutscher Luftsportverband.


Button hole device on the back. Quite low number '27456'. Excellent condition. No enemal damage.


DLV  awarded a series of proficiency badges to glider pilots on their successful completion of the appropriate tests and gliding trials. The "C" class certificate was awarded for the completion of a five minute solo flight without loss of altitude.


DLV (The German Air Sports Association (Deutscher Luftsportverband) was an organisation set up by the Nazi Party in March 1933 to establish a uniform basis for the training of military pilots. Its chairman was Hermann Göring and its vice-chairman Ernst Röhm. DLV was later transformed into Luftwaffe.