The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - W Shirer

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - W Shirer

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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich , William L. Shirer

This is one of the definitive history's of the Third Reich. Shirer was a reporter working in Germany from the time the Nazis came to power through to December 1940 when he escaped from the country just in time to avoid arrest. This gives the book a unique flavour. Shirer was in a much better position to understand how Nazi propaganda could convince an entire nation than just about any other historian of the Third Reich. Only on his brief visits to Paris and London could he get a clear picture of just how distorted the German media had become.

However, this book does not rest on Shirer's own experience. He carried out an immense amount of research in the massive German archives captured at the end of the war, and then assembled for the Nuremberg trials. Deservedly famous, this is one of the best selling history books of all time, and despite its age still deserves that accolade.

Author: William L. Shirer
Edition: Hard cover
Pages: 264