Wehrmacht Faithful Service 4 years cross 1957 'Steinhauer & Lück'

Wehrmacht Faithful Service 4 years cross 1957 'Steinhauer & Lück'

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Wehrmacht Faithful Service 4 years award 1957 issue.


Excellent condition with ribbon. These are quite hard to find.


Mid production from around 1968-1975.


Manufactured by Steinhauer and Lück.

A year after the reinstitution of the draft Germany reinstated the Long Service Awards (March 16th, 1936). All members of the Armed Forces were eligible for the award which was bestowed in five classes; four years, twelve years, eighteen years, twenty five years and fifty years. The four year service medal was silver and had on the obverse the Wehrmacht Eagle and the inscription "Treue Diesnste in der Wehrmacht" (Loyal Service in the Armed Forces). On the reverse it bore only the number 4 in the center surrounded by oak leaves. The twelve year award was the same design but in bronze, and with the number "12" replacing the "4" on the reverse.